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Safe in His Storm

The Perfect Storm Duet - Book One

Haunted by a past she struggles to keep buried, Gabi attempts to step out of her safe and controlled world and into one of Dominance and submission - in order to be with the one man who silences the same demons he stirs awake.

Jake is like a thunderstorm, uprooting and pulling her in. And though she's spent her life avoiding storms, this is one she can't control. 


Taken by Storm

The Perfect Storm Duet - Book Two

Gabi’s desperate to find a way to back to the man who melts her heart and owns her body. But facing what she’s spent her life in fear of threatens to push her over the edge.

Determined to help her overcome an enemy he can’t destroy, Jake is driven to do the last thing he – or anyone - ever expected.

But what if the past returns to take her first?

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