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Safe in His Storm

The Perfect Storm Duet - Book One


Conflicted. Controlled. Carnal.


In the safety of her little town, Gabi’s used to practicing control.

But silencing nightmares has come at a lonely cost.

In her world, practice hasn’t made perfect—It’s made 


Then fate sends a gorgeous stranger to her rescue.

Edgy. Commanding. Intimidating. And surely able to see into her very soul.

He’s everything she dreams about and everything she fears.


After surviving a shattering loss, Jake is finished with grief and guilt.

Determined to live again, he moves forward—vowing to keep one thing sacred. 

Unapologetically dominant, his intentions for a woman are clear.


And don’t expect what he can never offer.

He knows what he wants and how he wants it.

And now...he wants her.

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