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An Exclusive Excerpt from Taken by Storm

Copyright 2018 by Annalise Delaney DBA

“But it’s the middle of the day,” Gabrielle protested as Jake pulled her sweater over her head.


“Shhh,” he hissed, unbuttoning and tugging down her jeans.


“But what about our arrangement?”


“Shhh,” he warned a second time, pulling her panties down her pretty legs.


“Jake, we probably shouldn’t do this right n—” She hushed when Jake shoved her panties into her mouth.

“Much better,” he said, ignoring the shocked look on her face. He reached behind and unsnapped her bra, letting it fall down her arms where he helped it the rest of the way off.


When she grunted something indistinct, he asked if she was using her safe word and then pretended not to notice the subtle glare she only half-attempted to hide. After a beat, she shook her head back and forth, and he moved out of her sight to stifle a snicker.


He wouldn’t let her get away with it for long, but he liked when she showed a little defiance. It assured him she wouldn’t easily fall victim to anyone again. Of course, he was different. And he rather liked the idea of her willingness to be his victim.


“Stay put,” he said sternly.


He stepped into the closet and chose what he needed. When he exited, he was pleased to see she’d remained in exactly the same place he’d left her. Pulling her hands behind her back, he connected the wrist cuffs to each other and placed the squeak toy into her palm.


“Now you have your safe word. Squeeze it if you understand.”


Despite the scowl on her face, she fisted the little toy, making it squeak.


Jake maintained control, although he had an erection that could rival a porn star’s. Her blonde hair fell just past her shoulders, and her skin was flawless. He swallowed as his eyes traveled down her body, pausing at each delicate curve. When he got to her navel, he followed the path down to the tiny strip of neatly-trimmed blonde hair, just above the smooth lips of her pussy.


He brought his attention back to her face, keeping her focus until her eyes glazed over and the snarky expression was replaced with one of longing and lust. Until he was free to do with her what he wanted.

Lightly pushing against her shoulders, he initiated the drop that brought her to her knees. She peered up with her lacy panties tucked into her mouth, and Jake fought the urge to pull them out and replace them with his dick.


He held her gaze and breathed in slow, measured breaths. He slid his hand into her silky hair and fisted it, tilting her head back just enough to study her wanton expression. The moan that slipped from her perfect lips only served to encourage and thicken his famished cock.


“If things were different right now, I’d pull those from your lips and shove myself between them,” he said on a growl. “I’d lift you from the floor and bind you to the bed, spread open for me, where I’d find you dripping wet.”


Her eyes grew lidded as another throaty moan rumbled from behind the panties in her mouth.

Jake bent and whispered in her ear. “I’d run circles around that spot that throbs when you think of me. I’d tease and taunt and drive you crazy with need.”


Her eyes closed completely as he straightened and continued, adjusting the hold he had on her hair, causing her eyes to flutter open.


“If things were different, I’d push your legs open wider for me, enter you with my fingers, and find the spot that makes you weak. I’d fuck you with them in quick and perfect strokes until you could stand it no longer and begged me to fuck you, Gabrielle.”


She moaned loudly—pleaded really—the fist in her hair the only thing keeping her upright. She continued to breathe in shallow breaths, and Jake wanted nothing more than to run his fingers between the seam of her pussy where he knew she’d be soaked.


“If things were different, I would slide my cock inside of your greedy cunt, seating myself deeper than I ever have before.”


Her lust-filled eyes peered up at him, pleading; begging. And he continued, tugging softly on the silky locks in his fist. “You’d come in waves, begging me for more. Over and over and over,” he finished, gently releasing her hair.


She steadied herself as his hold left her hair, maintaining eye contact that begged him not to stop and tempted every bit of his self-control. He ran his palm across the side of her face and along her jaw, where he held it and paused.


“You are so strong, Gabrielle. So beautiful. And so very able.”


She blinked as tears began to form in the corners of her eyes.




He helped her to a standing position, stood back, and looked at her thigh where she’d written his words earlier, combined with her own. Despite being mostly upside down, he’d been able to read them clearly. They’d affected him from the minute he’d read them. Now, as adrenaline coursed through his body, he planned to address them.


He stepped forward and pulled the panties from her mouth, freeing a breathy moan as he tucked them into his pocket. His body brushed lightly against hers as he reached behind her and unhooked the wrist cuffs, releasing hands that immediately threaded into his hair. He made no attempt to stop himself from seeking out and claiming her breast, eliciting a needy gasp from her. He stared into her eyes and palmed the back of her head.


“Things will be different,” he promised as his lips brushed against hers. And he meant it. He’d damned well do everything he could to give her what she absolutely deserved. The words on her skin were now his first, and foremost, priority. He pulled back just enough to lock eyes with her.


“And you have my word, Gabrielle,” he promised, dropping his fingers to touch the purple words on her skin. “You will not be afraid to live.”


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